Refined petroleum products

Our refinery can process a wide range of crude oil from various sources around the world such as the Middle East, Far East and West Africa.


Refined petroleum products

Our choice of feedstock and product slate depends on relative prices and yields. We decide on our product slate with input from sales and marketing personnel. Our decision on product slate is also based on our assessment of demand and projected prices for the various products.

Our distribution and retail networks reach all corners of the country. Our access to a multi-product pipeline running from the Sriracha refinery to Suvarnabhumi, Lumlukka, and Saraburi further enhances our ability to support the Kingdom’s fuel supply. We sell a complete array of fuel products, from motor gasoline, gasohol, diesel, aviation fuels, fuel oil, to marine fuels through three separate channels: Retail, Commercial and Exports.


Our retail network includes 731 Esso branded retail service stations nationwide, which are operated by third-party dealers. (Data as of end-2021).

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Sales of our refined petroleum products through our commercial channel consist of sales to industrial end users and wholesalers, as well as customers in the aviation and marine industries.

Sales to industrial and wholesale customers consist mainly of LPG, motor gasoline, diesel, and fuel oil. Products sold to customers in the marine industry consist mainly of fuel oil, while products sold to customers in the aviation industry consist of jet fuel to airlines. We supply jet fuel via pipeline to approximately 20 international and domestic airlines at the two commercial airports located in Bangkok.

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We exported primarily fuel oil and gasoline.

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Lubricants and specialities

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Products and services

We offer products and services to the Thai and overseas market for both business and consumer use.

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