‘Coffee Journey,’ a new coffee shop brand by Minor Food Group, is firstly launched at Esso service station

Bangkok - Esso (Thailand) Public Company Limited and The Minor Food Group Public Company Limited announced the launch of ‘Coffee Journey’, a new coffee shop brand, at its first branch in Esso service station-Ramindra km 6.5 which was joined by their senior management.


‘Coffee Journey,’ a new coffee shop brand by Minor Food Group, is firstly launched at Esso service station
Caption (from left to right) : John Scott Heinecke, Minor Food Group-Chief Sustainability Officer;   Jesada Chanchengkij, Esso Director and Retail Sales Manager; Prapat (Patrick) Siangjan, Minor Food Group-Deputy Chief Operating Officer; Nipaporn Chakpitak, Esso Thailand Business Development Manager,  jointly opened the first branch of “Coffee Journey” at Esso Ramindra km 6.5 branch.

The “Coffee Journey” is managed by The Minor Food Group.  It is a collaboration between Minor Food Group and Esso, aiming to offer high-quality beverages at affordable prices for customers and travelers. Minor Food Group has good expertise in selecting coffee beans to ensure the best quality. Coffee beans being used at Coffee Journey are imported from Australia and well blended for great taste and essence. Beverage prices start from 35 baht. The coffee shop delivers a modern and convenient rest point for customers and travelers. 

As a leader in the food industry and a major franchise in Thailand, Minor Food Group is well equipped with focus on quality, operational excellence, and effective management.  Coffee Journey will be available in petrol service stations only at Esso.

Jesada Chanchengkij, director and retail sales manager of Esso (Thailand) Public Company Limited said, the ‘Coffee Journey’ at Esso service stations will enhance the customer and traveler experiences in addition to what they have already received from our world-class service stations. The Coffee Journey shop is an excellent rest point for sole traveler or groups.  The shop offers a wide range of beverages, including coffee and other refreshments, as well as bakery products from the Minor Food Group.  In addition, as its name implies, customers can also use the coffee shops as a meeting point. Esso is confident in this collaboration with Minor Food Group which is one of the leaders in the food industry per its strength in high quality, operational excellence, and management standards.

Prapat (Patrick) Siangjan, deputy chief operating officer of the Minor Food Group Public Company Limited, said, “Service stations today provide  many more services than refueling.  They have evolved to become service hubs for travelers to rest and refresh themselves during their journey.  The demand for coffee at service stations is increasing.  About 70% of our offerings are beverages, the others are bakery and food, with prices starting from 35 baht. We are confident in our high quality, effective management and service mindset.  Our partnership with Esso will enrich the customer experience as we expand the number of branches to more service stations.”

Esso continuously promotes non-oil products and services at its service stations with strategic alliances.  The company believes that sustainable success comes from having professional partners, including this collaboration with the Minor Food Group.  The ‘Coffee Journey’ will become a place for customers to meet, relax, and recharge at Esso service stations during their travels throughout Thailand.

Esso plans to make the ‘Coffee Journey’ the main retail outlet of coffee shop in Esso service stations. The second branch has recently opened at Esso Rama 9 and it is expected that about 15 stores will be opened within 2020.  Currently, Esso has 670 branches of service stations and is expanding to more than 700 service stations within 2021.

As a one-stop service, Esso customers can also use the Esso Smiles Card to collect points and use the points at the ‘Coffee Journey’ in the same way they use points for refueling their vehicles. Promotional terms and conditions as designated by Esso.

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