Community engagement

We employ a long-term approach, investing in the communities where we operate to build and sustain local economic growth, enhance the living standards and create opportunities for the communities to thrive with us.


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Community engagement


Education is the key to national development and economic growth. We are committed to preparing and inspiring students at all levels to pursue STEM careers with initiatives focusing on providing learning opportunities, building capacity and fostering innovation.

Esso-Rattanakosin Bicentennial Scholarships


Recognizing the vital importance of higher education and the need to develop the next generation of scientists and engineers to help secure energy in today's highly competitive and technology-driven world, we have worked with the Office of the Higher Education Commission (O.H.E.C.) since 1982 when the Esso-Rattanakosin Bicentennial Fund was established. The company has continued to support the fund as well as a scholarship program every year since then. Approximately 2,100 scholarships have been granted to students in the science and engineering fields from universities nationwide to date, with a total contribution amount of about 16 million baht.

Esso-Vocational Science Contest


To drive STEM education among vocational schools, we have supported the Science Society of Thailand under the Patronage of His Majesty the King, and the Office of Vocational Education Commission to organize Esso-Vocational Science Contest since 1991.

We partnered with the Education Ministry and the Science Society of Thailand to organize the Esso Vocational Contest for students at vocational schools. The program aims to promote science education and skill development among vocational students and results in various innovative scientific inventions that benefit the society with several projects winning awards in international competitions while some projects have been developed into commercial scale.


Health is a fundament that enables people to live their lives to the full potential and to contribute to the advancement of the country. Therefore, we support the mission of our partner to save lives in times of emergencies and the lives of those with medical conditions.

Refrigerated blood delivery van and blood plasma freezing truck for the Thai Red Cross Society


We donated four refrigerated blood delivery vans to the National Blood Center of the Thai Red Cross Society. The well-equipped blood delivery van can enhance facilitation and timeliness of blood deliveries from mobile blood donation units to the National Blood Center.

In addition, the plasma freezing truck is donated for the transportation of plasma from the National Blood Center and 13 Regional Blood Centers to The Thai Red Cross “Plasma Fractionation Centre” in Bang Pra district, Chonburi Province.

Local community development

We strive to make a positive contribution to the local communities we operate in while remaining committed to ethical business practice.

Women’s Skill Enhancement Center in Laem Chabang


Women’s Skill Enhancement Center is located at Laem Chabang Municipality, Chon Buri province. The center was established to provide supporting activities to enhance the potential of local women and advance their economic opportunities.  Serving as a local training, marketing and selling hub, the center also provides activities for resource and product assessment, professional skill training and counseling on marketing strategies, packaging design, available local materials and distribution channels. The center will be managed by a local committee appointed from the 10 participating communities which are located close to Esso Sriracha refinery.

Electronic and Computer Skill Center for electronic skill enhancement for handicapped people


We established the Electronic and Computer Skill Center for electronic skill enhancement of the physically disabled students at the Redemptorist Vocational School which is operated by Father Ray Foundation. In addition, used laptops from the offices will be transferred to the Center for checkup and then distributed to schools, institutions or communities in need.


Safety is a core value and an integral part of our culture. Our safety commitment also extends to members of the communities where we operate. Road safety is an issue of high priorities on the national agenda. Therefore, we actively participate in safety promotion campaigns to support the government’s policy for public safety enhancement.

Support "Ride Safely, Lights-on and Fasten Helmet" campaign


In conjunction with the Thai Motorcycle Enterprise Association (TMEA), the Department of Land Transport and the Royal Thai Police, we have taken part in organizing this safety promotion campaign to support the Government's policy on raising public safety awareness. The program includes road safety and traffic rules training and distribution of standard anti-knock helmets to general motorcyclists as well as traffic training for youth in strategic provinces nationwide.

Environmental Conservation

In addition to our commitment to operate in an environmentally responsible manner everywhere we do business, we also contribute and support several programs to educate, protect and conserve the environment in the communities close to our refinery, as well as in other parts of Thailand.

Support Kung Krabaen Bay Royal Development Study Center under the Royal initiative for coastal resource conservation


To support the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej's initiative in establishing the Kung Krabaen Bay Royal Development Study Center, which aims to conserve the environment around the coastal area in Chantaburi province, we provided funds for the construction of 284 check dams in this area. These check dams help slow down the water flow from the mountains, thus helping to restore mangrove forests, promote coastal fish stocks, and prevent sea water intrusion into agricultural lands. In addition, we support the Joint Coordination for Cleanliness and Development of Sea Beach Project by cleaning Chaolao and Laem Saded beaches and coastline to promote sustainable coastal resource conservation.

Workforce Involvement


Volunteering and charitable giving are integral to our culture as we encourage employees to contribute to the communities where they live and work.

Over the years, our employees have joined the efforts in bettering the community in many areas ranging from education, health, environment to natural disaster recovery.

Through the Esso Sriracha Refinery Educational Fund, which was established in  1999, employees have donated 4,123 scholarships to students in Laem Chabang communities, Chonburi province.

In 2018, with Esso Employee Club’s fundraising efforts, our employees have donated  to provide scholarships to underprivileged children in Phetchabun, to build brain-based learning playground at Mitsamphan School in Sukhothai as well as to provide disaster relief efforts to flood victims in Lao PDR.

Apart from donation, employees are also encouraged to volunteer and work for the community. Each year, over 150 employees and their family members have volunteered to join Day of Caring activities ranging from preserving mangrove forest, constructing a home for the less fortunate to building brain-based learning playgrounds for schools in the community.

In 2018, over 1,600 employees of Esso and ExxonMobil affiliates in Thailand have volunteered about 2,200 hours and donated 3.8 million baht  to create as well as build on the contribution projects that the Company started.

Human Rights

Our company actively promotes respect for human rights and is committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations. We expect our employees, officers and directors to comply with all applicable laws and regulations and seek to work with suppliers and business partners who share our commitment to human rights. Within our own workforce, our commitment to human rights is supported by our Standards of Business Conduct and our Statement on Labor and the Workplace. Our Statement reinforces support for the principles of the International Labor Organization 1998 Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, notably the elimination of child labor, forced labor and workplace discrimination. Our approach to human rights is consistent with the goals of the United Nations (UN) Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

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