The Company strongly encourages and consistently fosters a culture in which the value of safety is embedded at every level of the organization.


The Operations Integrity Management System (OIMS), which provides a robust framework for managing both the safety of the company’s operations and its personnel. The Loss Prevention System (LPS) encourages employees to focus on underlying personal behaviors to identify enhancements to facilities, systems, and competencies. The Company’s approach to effective management of employee safety and health produces positive results and facilitates progress toward the objective of achieving a work environment in which Nobody Gets Hurt.

One critical success factor in achieving the goal of a work environment in which Nobody Gets Hurt is the empowerment of everyone in the Company to intervene and challenge when unsafe acts are observed. Each and every employee in the organization has authority to caution their colleagues if they observe an unsafe situation or behavior. Employees are also encouraged to welcome suggestions on how to work more safely.

As a result of these robust programs, the Company achieved several impressive safety milestones in 2018 as prescribed under Operational Highlights.

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