Nam Phong Natural Gas Production Plant

Located in Nam Phong District of Khon Kaen Province, Nam Phong Natural Gas Production Plant has been supplying natural gas to the power plant that provides electricity to the Northeast region of Thailand since 1979.


Nam Phong Natural Gas Production Plant

Under ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Khorat Inc. (EMEPKI), the simple conventional onshore gas production facilities are operated 24 hours a day by well-trained staffs with a goal to deliver safe and environmentally-friendly energy that powers the Northeastern community.

  • The plant was established in 1979, the same year the Onshore Petroleum Concession no. 2/2522/17 was granted. 
  • Gas Sales Agreement (GSA) with PTT and Joint Operating Agreement (JOA) with PTT Exploration and Production was executed in 1990.
  • In 2004, EMEPKI reacquired a 10% interest in the Si Phu Horm concession. The site is located 60 kilometers north of Nam Phong field. Gas production began in November 2006. This concession is currently operated by PTT Exploration and Production.


  • 1994 ExxonMobil’s Outstanding Award in Environment Conservation
  • 1998 ExxonMobil’s Outstanding Award in Safety Management
  • 2001 ExxonMobil’s Best Factory Award
  • 2012 ExxonMobil’s Chairman Safety Award
  • 2015 and 2016 Department of Mineral Fuels’s Safety, Health and Environment Award
  • 26 years Safety Award (since operation) and Celebration of 3+ Million Man-Hours without Loss Time Incident in December 2015
  • Initiated by EMEPKI in 1997, Nam Phong Energy Companies’ Grant has provided more than 2,850 scholarships to local students.
  • EMEPKI continues to work with local organizations and institutions i.e. Nam Phong Hospital, Kud Nam Sai municipality etc. to improve health, environment and the livelihood of Nam Phong Communities.

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