ExxonMobil in Thailand wins 2021 HR Excellence Awards

ExxonMobil Limited and Esso (Thailand) Public Company Limited, ExxonMobil affiliates in Thailand, are awarded 2021 HR Excellence Awards by Human Resources Online Consultant Asia in recognition of being able to translate business priorities into talent strategy to deliver industry-leading results.


ExxonMobil in Thailand wins 2021 HR Excellence Awards

The winning awards include:

  • Gold for Excellence in Learning & Development to ExxonMobil Limited
  • Silver for Excellence in Workplace Culture to ExxonMobil Limited
  • Silver for Employer of the Year to ExxonMobil Limited
  • Bronze for Excellence in CSR Strategy to Esso (Thailand) Public Company Limited

In receiving the awards, Chairman and Managing Director of ExxonMobil Limited, Esso (Thailand) Pcl and Thailand Lead Country Manager of ExxonMobil affiliates in Thailand Dr. Adisak Jangkamolkulchai said, “We are honored to earn these awards.  It’s impressive to see the positive impacts we all can help create and support our employees, business and community in Thailand. I’m so proud of ExxonMobil and Esso (Thailand) teams. The winning secret is our People. I am so fortunate to have an opportunity to work with our talented teams who have dedicated their hearts to create a great place to work and to continue to drive our commitment to Power Life with Premier Energy Experience.”

Sharing the strategy behind this win and how the company strives to attract the best, most passionate, and most motivated talents, knowing they will be key to drive success, Pinyada Asavametha, Thailand business HR manager, ExxonMobil Limited, said, “Understanding our business priorities and being able to translate them into talent strategy is one of the key enablers to our success. Our talent management strategy utilizes integrated processes and systems that enable us to attract, develop and retain highly productive, dedicated, and motivated talents so our premier talents can deliver industry-leading business results.”

Another key contributor in the award winning on CSR, Dr. Taweesak Bunluesin, director of Esso (Thailand) Public Company Limited, added that “Our strategy is a crucial element to help us frame the critical talent-related action plans we need to enable business results, especially in the fast-moving world. We leverage strongly integrated business footprints in Thailand to differentiate our products and services, develop globally competitive talents that drive future growth, and promote Esso and ExxonMobil brand value to become a company of choice.”

The awards have reinforced ExxonMobil’s commitment and continued focus on providing good working environment, supporting growth for talents, and creating prides to the team.  With excellent teamwork of ExxonMobil culture, the company can harness the collective power of employees to deliver valuable solutions and products the world needs and wants. 

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