Esso launches special promotion for Esso Smiles members: Fueling up diesel every 1,200 baht gets 1 M-150 of 12-baht value

Esso offered a special promotion across all diesel products with one M-150 Double B12 Vitamin, 150 ML. free giveaway of 12 baht value per bottle for Esso Smiles members who fill up every 1,200 THB. In addition, Esso Supreme+ Diesel customers will receive Smiles points x2 (2 Smiles points per 2 liters) equivalent to 20 satang/liter. The promotion is available from 29 April 2022 to 31 July 2022 across more than 740 Esso stations nationwide. Esso Smiles Card, a loyalty card for Esso stations, is also available for registration across all Esso stations nationwide free of charge. 


Esso launches special promotion for Esso Smiles members: Fueling up diesel every 1,200 baht gets 1 M-150 of 12-baht value

Jirapun Paowarut, director and retail sales manager of Esso (Thailand) Public Company Limited said, “This collaboration between Esso and Osotspa aims to express our appreciation to our Diesel customers. We expect a higher number of road users starting from the month of May due to travelling during public holidays and commercial transportation. We believe that not only Esso customers will get quality fuels of Esso diesel in the concept of ‘Clean. Clear. No Sediment.’ that you can trust, they will also get an M-150 Double Vitamin B12 to stay active and alert for every destination they are heading towards. This promotion will be another collaboration between Esso and Osotspa after the successful C-vitt promotion between Esso and Osotspa’s C-vitt brand last year.”

Sarayut Jitcharoongphorn, chief customer development officer of Osotspa Public Company Limited, a manufacturer and a distributor of M-150, said, “Osotspa has collaborated with many partners across various sectors with an aim to enhance an ability to meet the customer’s demands. This promotion offers a giveaway to the motorists who are the target market of both brands. The giveaway will provide the motorists, including those who have a long drive trip and those who drive to their office every morning, with energy to perform their daily tasks. With a double doses of Vitamin B12, the new M-150 helps boosting energy and brainpower, serving the new normal life, caring for health to cope with more challenging daily tasks.”

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