People and workforce

The Company’s capable and dedicated employees are one of its greatest strengths.


People and workforce

Employee development systems utilize integrated processes to support the development of a highly-productive, dedicated, and motivated workforce.

The Company recruits talented individuals and invests in employee development through work assignments, on-the-job experience, and career-long training and education. Career development is undertaken as a shared responsibility between the Company and the employee.  We promote an environment of high expectations that recognizes and rewards employee contributions to both individual and team goals.

The Company searches for talented people from diverse backgrounds, and we encourage them to think independently, take initiative and be innovative. With our focus on hiring local employees, we have created a positive impact on the economies in which we operate.

Developing a workforce

Our people development philosophy is to develop from within, through a wide range of assignments and experiences. We encourage all employees to contribute fully to the achievement of superior business results.

Developing a premier workforce is the goal of our career development process. We place a high priority on employee development, with an approach based on long-term career orientation. Early identification and accelerated development of talent are critical. Employees’ skills and competencies are built through training and various work experiences in a wide range of assignments in multiple functions around Thailand and the world.

We provide education and skills development through a proven global training curriculum, customized to our business environment, and through on the job training provided by multiple different assignments over a career. This helps us develop competent and committed employees who are fully prepared to meet future business needs, both locally and globally.

Our highly capable and dedicated employees are one of our greatest strengths. Employee development systems utilize integrated processes to support the development of a highly-productive, dedicated, and motivated workforce.

Retaining a workforce

The Company promotes a culture of inclusion, upholds disciplined employment practices, and offers robust training and benefit programs that support employee retention.

The diversity of ideas, perspectives, skills, knowledge and cultures across our company facilitates innovation and is a key competitive advantage. We strive to offer a work environment where all employees have the opportunity to fully express their creative talents to improve business results and create shareholder value. We actively support skill development, community volunteerism and employee mentoring programs.

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