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We believe that education is the key to national development and economic growth. We have a long history of supporting a number of educational initiatives.

Esso-Rattanakosin Bicentennial Scholarships

In recognition of the vital importance of higher education and the need to develop the next generation of scientists and engineers to help secure energy in today's highly competitive and technology-driven world, Esso has worked with the Office of the Higher Education Commission (O.H.E.C.) since 1982 when the Esso-Rattanakosin Bicentennial Fund was established. The company has continued to support the fund as well as a scholarship program every year since then. Approximately 2,100 scholarships have been granted to students in the science and engineering fields from universities nationwide to date, with a total contribution amount of about 15.7 million baht.

Esso-Vocational Science Contest

To drive STEM education among vocational schools, Esso has supported the Science Society of Thailand under the Patronage of His Majesty the King, and the Office of Vocational Education Commission to organize Esso-Vocational Science Contest for more than 26 years.

Since 1991, we partnered with the Education Ministry and the Science Society of Thailand to organize the Esso Vocational Contest for students at vocational schools. The program aims to promote science education and skill development among vocational students and results in various innovative scientific inventions that benefit the society with several projects winning awards in international competitions while some projects have been developed into commercial scale.