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In addition to our commitment to operate in an environmentally responsible manner everywhere we do business, we also contribute and support several programs to educate, protect and conserve the environment in the communities close to our refinery, as well as in other parts of Thailand.

Support Kung Krabaen Bay Royal Development Study Center under the Royal initiative for coastal resource conservation

To support the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej's initiative in establishing the Kung Krabaen Bay Royal Development Study Center, which aims to conserve the environment around the coastal area in Chantaburi province, we provided funds for the construction of 284 check dams in this area. These check dams help slow down the water flow from the mountains, thus helping to restore mangrove forests, promote coastal fish stocks, and prevent sea water intrusion into agricultural lands. In addition, we support the Joint Coordination for Cleanliness and Development of Sea Beach Project by cleaning Chaolao and Laem Saded beaches and coastline to promote sustainable coastal resource conservation.