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Saturday 10 Dec. 2016  

New Fuels Enhancement from Esso

Bangkok-Esso (Thailand) Public Company Limited launched its new and enhanced fuel formula for fuel products of all grades. The new additive formulation keeps the engine clean and enhances vehicle performance, leading to better fuel efficiency. The new fuel formula is now available at Esso service stations nationwide. 

Esso’s new fuel formula is a product of an extensive research and design effort that employed world-class advanced technology and is available for both gasoline and diesel engines. The new additive helps remove intake valve deposits, keeping the engine clean and improving acceleration rate. This provides an excellent solution of both fuel economy and optimum vehicle performance.   

Mr. Yodpong Sutatham (second from right), Director and Retail Sales Manager revealed that “From the survey, more than 80% of car users rely on fuel quality and service station experience as criteria for selecting their preferred service station. We are committed to improving the quality of life’s journey in every way possible to meet customers’ needs.” 

Photo — From left to right, Esso management team at Esso service station, Rama 4 road :  Mr. Krittanai Dangrasameesopone, Marketing Communications Advisor;  Mr. Jesada Chancherngkij, AP Marketing Communications Manager;  Mr. Yodpong Sutatham, Director and Retail Sales Manager;  Mr. Ittipol Pichaikul, Retail Sales Program Coordinator.

Mr. Yodpong continued, “Esso’s competitive edge on fuel quality derives from a fully integrated refining, distribution, and marketing operation. From the refining process at the Esso Sriracha Refinery, high-performance additive formulation, standardized distribution and storage processes to fuel quality control procedures at all service stations, we work hard to ensure that our customers will get high-quality fuels and consistently enjoy Esso standards.”  

“We are now ready to launch the new fuel formula that employs advanced technology from the U.S. to reinforce our leading position in fuel quality and innovation. The formula has gone through extensive research and trials with the new additive to enhance customers’ vehicle performance.  The price of all grades of fuel products will remain the same to optimize customer satisfaction. We believe this high-performance fuel formula will exceed all of your needs.”

The new fuel formula is available now at the more than 540 Esso service stations nationwide. Please visit for more information.


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