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Monday 12 Feb. 2018  

Esso awards scholarships to university students in engineering, science and related fields

Esso presented 70 scholarships worth 700,000 Baht to undergraduate students in engineering, science, and related fields from state universities nationwide to support their educational pursuits.  Jeremy R. Osterstock (6th from left, standing back row), chairman and managing director of Esso (Thailand) Public Company Limited, and Supat Champathong (6th from right, standing back row), secretary-general of The Office of the Higher Education Commission, presided over the presentation ceremony.

“Esso has partnered with The Office of the Higher Education Commission to support Thai education for 35 years, providing scholarships to individuals based on academic performance and financial need. We hope the students will use the scholarships to take full advantage of their educational experience to contribute to the advancement of science and innovation in Thailand,” said Osterstock.

Esso has worked with the Office of the Higher Education Commission (O.H.E.C.) since 1982 when the Esso-Rattanakosin Bicentennial Fund was established as part of the Rattanakosin Bicentennial celebration. The company has continued to support the fund as well as a scholarship program every year.  Approximately 2,100 scholarships have been granted to date with a total contribution amount of more than 16 million Baht.



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