Lubricants and specialities

Apart from fuels, we also manufacture and sell other petroleum products, including lubricants and asphalt.


Lubricants and specialities

We offer a full range of mineral and synthetic lubricants. Our products are sold under the Mobil brand.

The Mobil brand is best known for its leading lubricants technology. Please click on below links for more information.

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Aromatics and chemicals

Harnessing ExxonMobil’s unique proprietary technologies, we produce aromatics primarily in the form of Paraxylene, the feedstock for Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA), the raw material for producing polyester film, packaging resin, and fabrics.

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Refined petroleum products

Our refinery can process a wide range of crude oil from various sources around the world such as the Middle East, Far East and West Africa.

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Products and services

We offer products and services to the Thai and overseas market for both business and consumer use.

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